Monday, October 15, 2012

Style Inspiration: Native Fox

The always incredible Jessica from Native Fox keeps it chic in our Walk It Off Dress paired with a classic black bag, black heels and a black belt. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Model Inspiration

The greatest successes are often those borne from hardship. In the wake of recent events, for example, Michael Phelps’ extraordinary achievements seem even more deserved when we hear of his childhood troubles as a victim of bullying; Victoria Pendleton’s golden exit a glorious defiance of the bureaucratic nonsense forced upon her. The stars that shine the brightest are the ones that ascend from darkness.

The same may be said of Ebonee Davis’ rise to prominence. A seemingly ordinary – although striking – teenager from Seattle, there are a few notable facts about this remarkable young woman: firstly, she came from absolutely nothing (she has been quoted as saying that she sleeps on a mattress in her grandmother’s attic); secondly, she has the world at her feet (she is an internationally successful model represented by MC2 Model Management, fresh off a turn on America’s Next Top Model). Recently, she has shot for Seventeen Magazine, a Guess Jeans advertisement due out in September, and walked in Cape Town Fashion Week 2012.

Of her impressive drive, Davis says that her “passion comes from my struggle to make it to where I am. I didn't always have an easy life and for me modeling is something that I can use as a tool to create a foundation for the future.”

The challenges of her past, far from holding her back, have made her stronger and continue to inspire her, she says. “Whenever I need motivation I just remember how far I've come. Even though I'm still not as successful as I hope to be some day, I have a lot to be thankful for and I have accomplished a lot. I attend one of the highest ranked public institutions in the US [the University of Washington] and I am a professional model living out my dream, not to mention having the opportunity to live it out on national television. That alone is enough to keep me motivated.”

She has certainly come a long way: “I've only been modeling for a little bit over a year and look at what has happened already! I am [signed] with two agencies and I will be traveling to South Africa this summer to model. I get to enjoy meeting and working with new people and most of all I get to do what I love which is something a lot of people can't say.”

Of course, there are hard times, but Davis’ approach is inspirational in itself. “When times are tough I just try to remember that there is so much opportunity out there (as I have learned since starting modeling) and [that] if I waste time being frustrated or upset about a certain situation, I may miss a huge opportunity. So I have to continue to look to the future and work hard everyday no matter what the circumstances!” That might well be a mantra for us all to live by, and to remember that no matter where you come from, you can be inspired to achieve heights you never previously dared to dream of.

Laura Hunter-Thomas
Ici Fashion