Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

It's almost open-toe shoe time! And you know what that means? You want your little piggies to look their best for their summer debut. However, if you're the girl on the go or the babe on a budget, getting a pedicure might not fit into your schedule or into your expenses. In that case, you can always opt for giving yourself a pedicure. It's way more bank account-friendly, and it can even save you some time. Plus, you can do it whenever you want, day or night!

1. The first step to giving yourself a pedicure at home is to purchase the right tools for the job. You should have the following items in your pedi kit:

  • nail polish
  • topcoat nail polish
  • base coat nail polish
  • nail clippers
  • foot cream
  • cuticle cream
  • cuticle pusher
  • pumice rock

2. If you have a bucket or a foot bath, you may want to use it. If you don't, you can use your bathtub. Either way, fill the water-holding device with about 2 or 3 inches of water. Grab a towel, so you can dry your feet once your done.

3. Position your feet in the water, so that they are completely submerged. Add bath salt, scented oil or bath beads to add a fresh, relaxing fragrance to your at-home spa treatment. If you opt for bath salts, make sure you rub them on your feet to remove dead skin cells from your feet. You should leave your feet in for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can go longer if you like, but you'll need to keep refreshing the water with some more warm H20. Dry your feet off once you're done.

4. Rub the pumice stone on your feet to soften calices.

5. Apply the cuticle softener to your cuticles. You can use lotion to soften, as well. Once moist, use the cuticle pusher to push them back. Never cut your cuticles because this elevates your risk of developing infection.

6. Massage the foot cream on your feet.

7. Use the toenail clippers to cut your nails. Make sure you cut straight across.

8. Use the base coat nail polish, and apply it to each toenail. Let the polish dry.

9. Apply your color coat next. You may use more than one color and create patterns. If you're using nail decals, apply them now. Allow the nail lacquer to dry completely.

10. Apply a clear topcoat to every nail. This coat helps to prevent cracking and will extend the life of your polish, so your toes can look hot for days to come. Let this coat dry.  

Christine DiMaria,
Ici Fashion


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