Thursday, May 31, 2012

RAISING THE BARRE (vacation series)

WHY: You’re an iron woman. Your body knows no limits. Whether you’re a professional or recreational athlete or not, you put the concept of the ‘weekend warrior’ to shame. Whether you love the mental clarity of long runs, hikes, or yoga, fitness is a part of your life; maximal health and wellbeing your mantra. Your daily life emphasizes physical activity, and your vacation will be no exception.

WHERE: The Pure Barre client retreat (keep an eye on the website for updates). The most recent retreat was based in Denver, Colorado, where devotees took workshops and private group classes with technique founder Carrie Rezabek Dorr, then relaxed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Denver.

WHAT: You’ll spend most of your time here doing what you came to do: work out. Workshops and private group classes will allow you to really ‘go deep’ with your practice, improving your technique and precision over the space of just a weekend. Pure Barre, created by Carrie Rezabek Dorr, is a barre-based blend of dance, yoga and Pilates and takes an athletic and strenuous approach to isometric strength training. Pure Barre focuses specifically on the zones most women struggle with – the arms, thighs, butt and hips, and abs – and sculpts your body more efficiently and quickly than you’d ever think possible. By focusing on each muscle group one-at-a-time, and then immediately stretching them out with yoga-derived stretches, you’ll strengthen and lengthen, shaping long, dancer-like muscles, at the same time developing impressive strength and flexibility, and see a huge change in your body within just ten to fourteen sessions.

IT’S FASHION, DAHLING: You get pretty gumby-like during a Pure Barre session, what with all those advanced-yogi stretches and upside-down splits (both of which, by the way, are almost as challenging as the actual workout), so you’ll need comfortable clothes that don’t shift while you’re doing your best pretzel impression. The Victoria’s Secret VSX Sexy Sport Strappy Tank has a built-in bra, four-way stretch fabric and BODY-WICK technology that moves moisture away from the body – basically, it’s your workout’s best friend. Pair with the Splits59 Raquel Flare Tight (the actual workout pant used by Rezabek Dorr and her disciples in the Pure Barre DVDs) for that enviably gorgeous yoga-girl look. And don’t forget a pair of Pure Barre socks to prevent you from slipping on your mat!

Laura Hunter-Thomas,
Ici Fashion 

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