Saturday, June 2, 2012

Savvy Tips to Keep Your Sweating a Secret

When it's hot outside you can't help but sweat. However, pit stains are anything but sexy. You can't exactly sit inside in the air conditioning all day, but you also don't want to let the world see you sweating. Fortunately, a variety of tricks are available that allow you to still look cute and keep that sweating under wraps.


The type of fabric you wear can make a big impact on the visibility of your sweat stains. It probably makes sense that the lighter and more breathable the fabric is, the less you will sweat. For this reason, you probably think cotton is the way to go; however, you would be wrong. It's true that this fabric is breathable, but it makes sweat stains show up excessively. Instead, go with a cotton and rayon blend – it is still breathable, but your stains won't show up as easily. Fleece and velour are also great at hiding those unsightly stains.


Color is the best way to hide those pit stains. The lighter in color the fabric is, the more visible the sweating is. Instead of choosing those light pastels that will make your sweat stains take center stage, go with dark colors, instead. For instance, black, maroon and Navy blue are ideal in keeping those sweat marks a secret.  


Patterns on fabric can be a girl's best friend when it comes to hiding sweat marks. When you think about it, those patterns are quite distracting, so sweat stains are likely the last thing that will be noticed. Go with flowers or a similar graphic pattern to hide those stains. And one of the best parts of wearing these patterns is that you aren't limited to just wearing dark colors; you can wear bright clothing as long as they feature patterns.

Keeping yourself looking cute and stylish is a must in the summer. With these handy tricks, you have no excuse not to look your very best.

Heather Vicchioni,
Ici Fashion

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